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Revenue Cycle Management
Hospitals and healthcare organizations are struggling to cope with always changing regulations, shifting to value-based reimbursements as well as consolidations and mergers, which bring forth a unique set of challenges.
Medical billing & Medical coding
WoBurn Medical billing and coding services can do a lot to help you run your medical practice efficiently while growing your practice. Our free medical billing software enables you to manage all the patients’ data, improve your practice profitability, increase the number of patients, increase collection rates and reduce denied claims.
Practice Management
With over years of experience, Woburn’s team has helped practices across the United States increase revenue and help achieve their goals. Our Practice Management Services will take care of various time-consuming tasks as you observe a significant improvement in productivity.
Provider Credenitaling
At Woburn, our team of professionals maintain expertise in the provider credentialing process, including staying abreast of changes in the industry, credentialing trends, and payer requirements. As experts, we take on the credentialing process from start to finish. That means our team takes on all of the responsibilities that typically fall on your staff, freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks.
Get Paid More & Faster

Get the best medical billing, coding and healthcare revenue cycle management solutions all in one place. Woburn Medical billing Centre offers state-of-art medical billing & coding software along with the most reliable healthcare revenue cycle management services for physicians, clinics and medical organisations. 


Digital Charge Entry

In order to ensure accuracy down the line, Our medical billing solution features a systematic charge entry process. You can easily imply relevant checks at every stage of your healthcare revenue cycle management. It enables you to maintain 100% accuracy reducing the claim denial rate and increasing the revenue.

Fast Medical Billing Solutions

Our medical billing team ensures compliance with HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid and major insurance carriers’ claim submission regulations. After collecting every bit of information, we prepare fast, custom-tailored and accurate medical bills by using standard practices to translate your medical & diagnostic practices into standard HCPCS, CPT & ICD codes.

Promptly Payment Posting

After collecting your payments, we make sure to inform you about your collections. Our revenue cycle management specialists promptly proceed with payment posting and provide account receivable reports to all medical practices. We streamline your reimbursement collection cycle with reliable and highly converting medical billing solutions. 

Timely Claim Submission

Woburn Medical billing Centre’ medical billing and coding team constantly work to monetize your hard-earned services around the clock. We perform a medical audit of your practice and record the timelines of insurance payers. We prepare medical bills and submit all medical claims promptly to help you get rewarded on time. 

Follow-up With Claims

Our medical billing team rigorously follows up with your medical claims after submission. We consistently send reminders to all insurance payers and patients to collect your reimbursements and copays on time. Our medical billers stay in touch with all the payers & clearinghouses to ensure your revenue growth.

Reliable Claim Scrubbing

Our medical billing and coding team uses resourceful solutions to identify, eliminate and rectify errors throughout the medical billing cycle. We fully scrub your claims to resubmit your denied claims and recover your outstanding balance in the right way.

We Offer Feature Rich Medical Billing Solutions

Woburn Medical billing Centre offers cloud-based SaaS medical billing and coding solutions to digitize your healthcare revenue cycle management from charge entry to reimbursement collection. We empower your medical practice by driving better financial, clinical and operational outcomes.


Get A Full Range Of Medical Billing Software & Services
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Practice Management

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Claim Scrubbing
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Integrated Clearing House
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    What Size Of Healthcare Practice Do We Cater To?

    Woburn Medical billing Centre offers premium quality medical billing solutions to a wide range of medical practices of every size. Whether you have a  healthcare organization, hospital, independent medical practice or clinic, Woburn Medical billing Centre delivers value-based revenue cycle management services at the fraction of your existing administrative costs.


    Why Work With Us?

    Woburn Medical billing Centre is a US-based one-stop medical billing company that offers pre-configured practice management solutions with an entire team of medical billing, coding and AR recovery specialists that dedicatedly work on your accounts & help to streamline your revenue stream. Our aim is to help medical practitioners build a profound relationship with all payers to help them generate more revenue &  expand their practice. Started as a small venture, Woburn Medical billing Centre has been delivering a full suite of medical billing solutions for a decade now. Over these years, our medical billing specialists have acquired extensive experience in providing proven medical billing solutions to a broad range of healthcare specialties. We provide 24/7 customer support to answer your queries and your patient inquiries about their payments.

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