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Practice Management


Our practice management software can be tailored to accommodate the requirements of several types of clients, including individual doctors, groups of doctors, and enterprises. We handle a medical practice’s daily operations. This entails managing personnel, billing and collections, patient care, and other administrative responsibilities. It also entails creating plans to increase productivity and profitability and ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and laws. It includes:

  1. Appointment scheduling:

Manage patient wait lists, automate appointment scheduling and confirmations, and set recurring appointments. We offer a variety of services, including appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and payment processing. We also provide personalized assistance with any questions or concerns you may have about your medical bills.

  1. Online plan eligibility:

Automatic real-time verification of the insurance coverage and benefits eligibility of the client. The types of insurance plans we offer, the conditions of each plan, and any related premiums and deductibles are all included in our medical claims department. It also provides details on any special offers or discounts that clients could be eligible for. Additionally, it provides contact details in case there are any queries or issues with plan eligibility.

  1. Claim Scrubbing:

All patient records and claims are checked for accuracy and completeness at our medical center. Verifying patient data, checking for coding problems, and making sure all required documentation is present are all part of this process. Researching any inconsistencies or absences could also be necessary to confirm that all claims are accurate and following the law.

  1. Claim Submission:

Our medical center is dedicated to timely and accurate claim submission. We employ the most recent technologies to make sure that all claims are processed promptly and accurately. We also employ a group of skilled medical billers that are familiar with coding and billing guidelines. Any inquiries you may have about the claim submission procedure can be addressed by our team. We work hard to deliver top-notch customer service and guarantee that all claims are handled quickly and effectively.

  1. Payment posting:

We are aware that this is an essential part of the medical billing procedure. We assist in entering payments made by clients, insurance providers, and other sources into the billing system. By doing this, it is guaranteed that every payment is correctly tallied and applied to the appropriate accounts. The posting of payments enables accurate monitoring and collection of any outstanding amounts.

  1. The following denial:

Our medical center provides a variety of services to help you manage denials. These services include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing denied claims to identify trends and root causes of denials
  • Create ways to enhance compensation or decrease denials
  • Resubmitting refused claims with any necessary coding modifications or additional information to resolve the problem with payers
  • Providing education and training on coding, billing, and reimbursement best practices
  • Monitoring payer policies and regulations for changes that may have an impact on claim processing;
  • Aiding with claims appeals
  • Examining denial data to find areas where the billing process might be enhanced


  1. Reporting:

All medical billing procedures will be appropriately and promptly reported by our medical center. We make an effort to ensure that each claim is processed accurately and quickly and that all payments are delivered on schedule. Additionally, we offer thorough reports on the progress of claims, which include any denials or denials as well as any necessary revisions. The entire amount charged, the overall sum paid, and any unpaid amounts are all included in our reports. We also offer a thorough study of our billing performance, which includes patterns in payment delays and denial rates. By using this data, we can pinpoint areas that need work and make sure that our billing procedures are efficient.